Flag of Estonia

General Information
Surface area45 230  km2
UN StatusUN member since 17 September 1991
Currency codeEUR
Internet top-level domain (TLD)EE
National Statistical Office National Statistical Office of Estonia

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Political Rights in Estonia

Political Rights

Source: freedomhouse.org
The political rights category contains numerical rating between 1 and 7, with 1 representing the most free and 7 the least free. The ratings process is based on a checklist of 10 political rights questions. The political rights questions are grouped into three subcategories: Electoral Process (3 questions), Political Pluralism and Participation (4), and Functioning of Government (3). Scores are awarded to each of these questions on a scale of 0 to 4, where a score of 0 represents the smallest degree and 4 the greatest degree of rights present. The highest score that can be awarded to the political rights checklist is 40 (or a total score of 4 for each of the 10 questions). The total score awarded to the political rights checklist determines the political rights rating. The rating of 1 through 7, with 1 representing the highest and 7 the lowest level of freedom, corresponds to a range of total scores.

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