Flag of Cuba

General Information
Surface area110 860  km2
UN StatusUN member since 24 October 1945
CurrencyCuban Peso
Currency codeCUP
Internet top-level domain (TLD)CU
National Statistical Office National Statistical Office of Cuba

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Transportation of Cuba

Number of airports 2010136 units
   Number of airports per million persons 201012.27 units per million persons map
   Density of airports 20101.23 units per 1000 km2 map
Length of railways 201011 968 km
   Length of railways per million persons 20101 079.43 km per million persons map
   Density of railways 2010107.96 km per 1000 km2 map
Road network n/a60 858 km
   Length of road per thousand persons n/a5.49 km per thousand persons map
   Density of road network n/a548.96 km per 1000 km2 map
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