South America

Map of South America by Rate of urbanization

Below average on the continentAbove average on the continent

List of countries by Rate of urbanization


Rate of urbanization
(% per year)
ParaguayParaguay: Rate of urbanization  2.5
BoliviaBolivia: Rate of urbanization  2.2
EcuadorEcuador: Rate of urbanization  2.0
ColombiaColombia: Rate of urbanization  1.7
VenezuelaVenezuela: Rate of urbanization  1.7
PeruPeru: Rate of urbanization  1.6
SurinameSuriname: Rate of urbanization  1.5
South America: Rate of urbanization  1.3
BrazilBrazil: Rate of urbanization  1.1
ArgentinaArgentina: Rate of urbanization  1.1
ChileChile: Rate of urbanization  1.1
French GuianaFrench Guiana: Rate of urbanization  1.0
GuyanaGuyana: Rate of urbanization  0.5
UruguayUruguay: Rate of urbanization  0.4